Month: July 2023

▷ What is the Best All-new Kindle to Buy? -【2023 REVIEW】

All-NEW KINDLE COMPARISON CHART It has been more than 15 years since Amazon launched its first Kindle E-Reader back in 2007. A lot have changed in these devices since then, they have lost their physical keyboard, quality of the screen is infinitely better in newer ones, they have lost lot of weight and has greatly …

▷ What is the Best All-new Kindle to Buy? -【2023 REVIEW】 Read More »

▷What Echo Speaker Buy?【2023 REVIEW】

A few years have passed since the first Echo device with Alexa assistant appeared. Since then, Amazon has evolved getting to have 7 Amazon Echo models today. In this comparison we review the characteristics of each of them, their functionality and main differences between them. Thanks to this variety of speakers, its functionalities and price ranges, there is …

▷What Echo Speaker Buy?【2023 REVIEW】 Read More »

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